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BLUE’S CREW, LLC has just entered into an incredibly unique marketing partnership to cover all things “GREG HASTINGS”. BCTV will be managing and producing a multitude of Hi-Def Multi-Media covering Greg’s 2012 TOUR OF DUTY, the R7 REPLAY XD/HD, GREG HASTINGS PAINTBALL VIDEO GAME Series, and anything and everything GREG HASTINGS.

Together, they open up an exciting new view of the world of Paintball and other sports and adventure activities, utilizing Point of View(POV) video, Live Streaming, Photography, and lots of Pure Sports Action.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on Facebook pages and plus view all broadcasts and videos at .

“This is an incredible way for me to get fans excited about playing paintball, and entertain them with action and shenanigans from events all around the world. Maybe even get a few to start traveling to events they may not have known much about.” Says Greg Hastings. More about Greg at and

“It was perfect timing with Greg’s projects coming on line, just as our super high tech media team headlined by Chris Hanse and Anthony Bove, came on line. Wait till you see what we produce and especially how we deliver this kind of entertainment to Greg’s and our fans. We are excited about our ability to generate professional innovative media for Greg and his Sponsors, such as Tippmann, where we’ll be highlighting their new products in all the action we shoot!” Says Michael “BLUE” Hanse”

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