NPPL cancels Vancouver, moves to 4 paintball events in 2012

According to an announcement released moments ago, the National Professional Paintball League will be making several adjustments to the 2012 season schedule. Read on for the official scoop.

We report the latest on the NPPL’s decision to delay the Vancouver event. Moments ago the NPPL released the following statement:

“The NPPL Board of Directors after speaking to players, teams and sponsors has decided to reschedule Vancouver. The main reasons for dropping Vancouver from the 2012 schedule is the economy is still tight and teams, sponsors have expressed they can only afford to go to 4 events this season. Furthermore, there were concerns about getting supplies and equipment across the boarder. We are looking at the possibility of hosting the event in 2013 which will allow the league, teams and sponsors more time to plan, promote and take care of logistics for running a successful tournament. The NPPL views Canada as a growing paintball tournament market and looks to promote more feeders and teams in Canada this year. The League hopes players; teams and sponsors will respect and support our decision to postpone Vancouver for one year.”

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