WCPPL Open Event 1 Results

Event #1 Results- Who came out on top? We provide the latest scoop on the WCPPL!

Camp Pendleton played host to the first WCPPL Event of the 2012 season- the WCPPL Open. Last weekend, teams from all around the West Coast were ready to grind in this Race-To format.

The WCPPL caters to division ranked teams. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Hinman and staff, the WCPPL provides a strong program for players looking to progressivly compete. Hinman was sure to step it up this year by including the new PSP Scoreboard. Players loved the new scoreboard as it was featured high above on Camp Pendleton’s towers.

As an added bonus the LA Ironmen and Golden State Pirates were practicing along side the division oriented tournament. We can’t think of a better way to help expose such talent to new players.

Premiere Race-To-X: Denver Fury and SD Pirates would not fare well in the preliminary round. San Diego Mob win four straight preliminary games with Royalty and Notorious battling it out in the Semi-Finals. Notorious wins against San Deigo Mob to take home the Premiere Race-To-X WCPPL Open title.

Division 3: The Race-To-4 format would host such teams as IE Unseen, HaVoK, Royalty (2) and LA Hitmen in the Quarter Finals. The Fuzion 916 squad would propel themselves into the Finals after strong wins in the Quarter and Semi-Final rounds. Fuzion 916 would win against LA Hitmen to take home first place in Division 3.

Division 4: Genesis and Fuzion 707 would highlight 4 straight wins in their repsective brackets. The SD Pirates II would edge out their Quarter Finals match against Fuzion 415 and move on to the Semi-Finals. Finishing strong, Fuzion 415 would come back against Ka Funf, take the finals and win Race-To-3 in D4.

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