About Paintball: The Report of Paintball's Death Is Exaggerated

It's a topic that continues to come up at fields and in forums: some people believe that paintball is a dying sport. They claim that more people are leaving than coming, that fields are closing and that the sport is going to decrease to the point of irrelevancy.

I disagree.

Paintball is not dying. It is changing. The past decade and even the past five years have lead to significant changes in the sport. I've seen a greater split between the tournament crowd and the recreation/woodsball crowd. I've seen the end of established fields and the focus on smaller fields or outlaw play. I've seen many small stores close and purchasing moved, almost completely, to the internet and big box stores. I've seen a decreased emphasis on the newest equipment and more focus on learning to use existing equipment. I've seen greater mainstream acceptance of the sport while it still remains on the fringe of traditional pass times.

Paintball is not the same as it was a decade ago. I would agree that the paintball world from a decade ago is dying if it is not already dead. The sport, though, is continuing to grow, adapt and expand as new players are introduced to it all over the world. Paintball is not dying because, at its base, it is an extremely fun activity that can be enjoyed by millions. Nothing is going to stop that.

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