Fredericton Aggression Win MXL

Fredericton Aggression win Canadian Championship the NAX Finals at Commando Paintball in Ottawa

Shock Featured in News

Great article about Atlantic NAX team Charlottetown Shock! Who placed third at NAX Championship

Anthraxx Wins ATWL

Team Anthraxx wins the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Championsip

Discussion Forum

Join our online discussion forum and talk with other players from around Atlantic Canada

NPPL All Star Voting

Voting for your Favorite Pro Player for the NPPL 3rd Annual East vs. West All-Star Challenge Begins June 15th!

Vote to see your Favorite Pro Player compete in the East vs. West All-Star Challenge. The West has dominated the East in the first and second Pro All-Star Challenge, but who will come out on top this year? Vote to see if the West will reclaim their championship title or will the East comeback with a vengeance? Stay tuned for further details and check out website at For further questions please email

Geo 3?

A photo surfaced today which appears to be the GEO 3 Paintball Gun. In typical Planet Eclipse style, the company has yet to publicly mention that a GEO 3 paintball gun project was underway. Can’t say we blame them, as it would kill the sales of current GEO paintball guns. This photo did not come from official sources and may or may not resemble the production model.
Geo 3 Paintball Gun
Geo 3 Paintball Gun
Is this the GEO 3 Paintball Gun? What feature are you most looking forward to? 

What's in a Mask?

Paintball masks are pretty simple things. They consist of just a clear piece of plastic hooked to some more plastic and strapped to your head which keeps your eyes safe. They are necessary but uncomfortable, frustrating and often a hassle to care for.

Or are they?

A challenge many beginner players face is that their time playing paintball is spent either with a mask that came as part of a package or a cheap rental mask from the local field. These masks not only are uncomfortable and have limited range of vision, but they tend to fog at the most inopportune times (despite all you try to do to prevent it). That's why I recommend that one of the first upgrades players make is to purchase a nice mask.

Sure, a nice mask can cost as much as a beginner gun, but the increased comfort, in my mind, makes it worth it. If you don't want to go for top-of-the-line or high-end masks, I would recommend at least choosing a thermal mask that costs closer to the price of a case of paint ($40+). If you spend any time playing in hot, cold or humid weather, you will be grateful for your indulgence all day long. Plus, the improvements in visibility may actually make you a better player.

ATWL Event Two Played Rain and Shine

ATWL Event 2 Photos
The second event of the 2012 Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League was played June 9th at Hypersportz Paintball in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia.

Rain overnight and all game day morning left many players disheartened that once again they would be playing in boot sucking mud, with players afraid that an inadvertent marker drop would result in a gun never being seen again. Although the ATWL had visited this location in previous seasons, this woodsball field had not been seen by players in the past.

Hypersportz Paintball (formerly Overkill Sportz) has been taken over by a new owner who is making considerable field improvements. Teams that are visiting Hypersportz for the first time since last season were very impressed with the changes.

Thousands of dollars invested by the new owner in improved drainage, clearing firing lanes, leveling the ground and reposition bunkers will make the field play faster and put a premium on communication plus coordinated fire and movement.

ATWL Event 2 Photos
Often the first game can set the tone for the entire day. The cold rain didn't dampen the excitement as the Nova Scotia Mercenaries went up against the SU Militia. The fighting was so fierce that at times it seemed there were more paintballs in the air than rain drops. If this game was an indication event two would be an exciting day.

As the day wore on, the weather improved but there was no improving on the already top notch paintball. The matches between current and former champions, plus epic battles between two new teams to the league all the games were back and forth fights went down to the wire.

The SU Militia from Moncton, New Brunswick went on a tear at event two. They kicked their game up a notch since event one, and were the team to beat at event two. The Militia won all four of their games with a total combined 790 flag capture points.

ATWL Event 2 Photos
Another surprise of the day was the improved play Green Acres Goblins. First year teams in a very competitive league can sometimes get overwhelmed. The Goblins showed they were able to adapt their play and fight toe to toe with the best teams in the region.

No one team is breaking away from the pack. The top of the leader board is tightening. The new teams are improving quickly. The 2012 Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League has reached the half way point and who will be crowned champion is anybody's guess. This may turn out to be the most exciting finish in ATWL history.

Event 2 Results
Place Team Games Played Capture Points Win Loss Points
1 SU Militia 4 790 8
2 Anthraxx 2 555 4
3 Mersey Road Predators 2 310 2
4 Nova Scotia Mercenaries 4 310 2
5 Green Acres Goblins 4 75 0

Season Standings
Place Team Games Played Capture Points Win Loss Points
1 Mersey Road Predators 6 1320 10
2 Anthraxx 6 1115 10
3 SU Militia 8 970 8
4 Nova Scotia Mercenaries 6 535 4
5 Green Acres Goblins 6 105 0

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