What's in a Mask?

Paintball masks are pretty simple things. They consist of just a clear piece of plastic hooked to some more plastic and strapped to your head which keeps your eyes safe. They are necessary but uncomfortable, frustrating and often a hassle to care for.

Or are they?

A challenge many beginner players face is that their time playing paintball is spent either with a mask that came as part of a package or a cheap rental mask from the local field. These masks not only are uncomfortable and have limited range of vision, but they tend to fog at the most inopportune times (despite all you try to do to prevent it). That's why I recommend that one of the first upgrades players make is to purchase a nice mask.

Sure, a nice mask can cost as much as a beginner gun, but the increased comfort, in my mind, makes it worth it. If you don't want to go for top-of-the-line or high-end masks, I would recommend at least choosing a thermal mask that costs closer to the price of a case of paint ($40+). If you spend any time playing in hot, cold or humid weather, you will be grateful for your indulgence all day long. Plus, the improvements in visibility may actually make you a better player.

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