2013 Black Friday

Mersey Road Paintball Black Friday Game 2013 - Friday March 29th

The event is FIELD PAINT ONLY.

The game starts at 11:30, so get there early to purchase paint, get ready and chrono before going on to the playing field. As you arrive, you will be put on a team. If you arrive in a group and want to play together please let them know when you register. If you arrive late you may be put on a team and not get to play with whom you want.

The games will be in two 1.5 hour sessions with a lunch break in the middle. All Mersey Paintball rules will be in effect. The games will be respawn.

Extra parking will be on the speedball field (conditions permitting)

We have a limited number of markers for rent. They are going on a first come, first served basis. If you need a rental call ahead early to reserve.

Jim 857-1855
Howard 857-9745

Black Friday Information

Field Fee: $10.00
Paint / Bag: $20
Paint / Case: $80
Rental - Marker / Mask / Tank: $10

Chrono speed is not to exceed 290fps
Both HPA and CO2 will be available
Canteen services will be available
Make sure your marker is in working condition
Get new batteries for your marker, loader
The field will be wet and muddy so please dress accordingly

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